Seminary Jeopardy!

I am currently (as in right this very moment) sitting in what will be one of the last three seminary classes I am required to take before I graduate! While I am extremely grateful for the last 4 and 1/2 years of being able to study, learn, and grow in knowledge of the bible and in the grace of Jesus, I am more than ready to be done. I take this education seriously...but I'd also seriously like to have a break from taking notes, writing papers, and especially doing "group" work.

Well it is the later that I want to mention in today's post. The class I am taking is a week long workshop, in which I must participate in a group presentation. I'd almost rather give blood than do group work. So in order to make it more bearable, I have tried to infuse some fun and entertainment into my group presentation. One thing seminary students are not short on is seriousness, so I like to try and bring the humor back....I think it keeps us from getting to high and lofty for our own good (I say as the other students around me frown and shake their heads because I am blogging in class).

So for our group presentation, we are defending small groups as the best entry point into the church (don't ask why). We were allowed creative freedom in the presentation, so our group decided to do a mock-Jeopardy! game. Since we only have a limited amount of time to present, our game needed to begin mid-game, with only one category left untouched. That category is, of course, Small Groups. However, for our props sake we needed some already-completed categories. That's where I become really valuable in a group. Truth be told, I probably am not the best at presentation, not the smartest in the group, not the most compelling arguer, or any of that. But I can think of things that at least I find funny, and put them in the presentation with the hope that others will get a little laugh out of the deal.

In order for this to really move you, it will be helpful to imagine the actual game of Jeopardy!, think of the types of questions that will go with the category, imagine Alex Trebek asking them, and then throw in a little Will Ferrell doing Alex Trebek against an indignant Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds. So here are some of the categories I am thinking about using on our Jeopardy! game board. The categories are:

1. Tongues

2. Multi-syllabic Biblical Names

3. Pastor or Cult-Leader

4. Raising Cain

5. Bible Names That End in -iah

6. Da Nile

7. Zerubbabel or Nebuchadnezzar

8. A Stone's Throw

9. Judas

10. Who's The Heretic

11. Goats of Many Colors

12. Name That Mount

That's just a few off the top of my head. Of course I can only pick my favorite 5. Your turn, what are some good biblical Jeopardy! categories?

Long Time, No Blog

For those of you who are still checking to see if I blog, this one is for you. I have not altogether fallen off of the face of the earth. Nor have I decided to quit blogging. In fact, I have several half-done blogs saved as drafts. But I haven't had the time or will to finish many of them due to several different factors.

I would love to give more explanation, and intend to fully, just not right now. To tide you over, I'd like to give you just a few things to ponder.

1) Have you been watching American Idol? Is it me or does Paula channel Johnny Depp channeling Jack Sparrow when she talks or what?

2) I have found that one of the most exciting feelings in my day is when I swipe my debit card and the little swipping machine says "approved"! It is nice to be approved of isn't it?

3)I'm pretty sure Howard, our cat, is a socialist! Does she work? NO! Does she contribute? NO? Does she whine and complain and cry all the time? YES! And she expects her bowl to be full every day in spite of the fact that she doesn't help in any way to help earn that food!

4)Karen and I went to Nashville this past week-end for a mini-vacation. I've said it before, but there is no one I'd rather hang out with than her! And there is no better town than Nashville. We went to a Hockey game, which was super fun (Go Predators!), walked around downtown, ate some really good food, and left a night earlier than we planned.

5)I've recently been listening to Mark Driscol of Mars Hill Church in Seatle. He is a bit of a controversial fellow in that he is a bit brash, talks about how men need to reclaim their manhood, and has been known to let a curse word (or two) slip (though not from the pulpit). But man he is theologically solid, in that everything he talks about ends up to be about Jesus. And really, everything boils down to Jesus anyway right?

6)Our pastor at The Church at Lake Guntersville is leaving to plant a church in Anniston, AL. This is a unique time for our church, and for me as a staff member. Honestly, I am excited for his family and for their opportunity to expand their ministry, and I really believe God has a plan for them and for CALG....but man I am not really looking forward to the process. It is just kinda tough to think of things changing and of the work that will have to go into finding a new pastor and the work of maintaining a church without a "lead" pastor. Good thing God is faithful right?!?!

7) I am playing at Ingleside's Paradigm Weekdend (think Disciple Now) next weekend! Many of you know this is where I basically grew up in ministry through my college years, so I am really excited to go back! Should be lots of fun, plus we get to see our family which is always a plus.

Ok, so that is all for now. Just a random update to hopefully keep you coming back for more. I have several good things in the hopper I hope to post soon, so check back agains sometime!

Grace and peace to you all!

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