So I've not been able to post lately, in part because of time constraints, and in parts because of mental constraints. Haven't had much to blog about, or can't find the time to complete a post. So, in the interest of keeping you the reader informed and satisfied, I am posting one here about...interests. Below are five things I am interested in at the current time in no particular order, followed by five things I am not interested at the current time in no particular order.

Things I am currently interested in:
1. Graduating - I'll do so in just one short week. Master's Degree here I come!!!

2. Paper Route - no I haven't picked up a part-time job. This is a band, a really good band, a band you should check out!

3. Amps and Guitars - So I've been saving for quite a while to get some new gear. Mine has been used pretty heavily in the last 10 years, and I'd like to get some stuff that sounds better, will last a little longer, and subsequently be a little more aesthetically pleasing. So I now have the money and am coming to the end of my research phase. Hope to make a purchase in the coming month or so.

4. Baby Stuff - So this is weird for me. I've never looked at baby bottles, onesies, strollers, cribs, or any of the like. Now, we kinda have to. It's been interesting, and I like looking with Karen. It's really up to her, but I am trying to educate and involve myself in the process. Really though I am mostly interested in our baby!

5.YooHoo - A childhood favorite of mine, now once again a favorite. I suppose that YooHoo is like chocolate water, but it is quite tasty! That and a twix bar and you've got yourself a nice little afternoon snack ( a gift that keeps on giving what with the extra pounds!)

Things I Am NOT Currently interested in:
1. Swine Flu, Economic Meltdown, Peanut Butter, Tomatoes, or any other item that the news wants to use to cause panic in my life.

2. Graduation - notice I am interested in graduating, but not in the actual procedure of graduation. I've sat through a few of these in my time, and let me tell you they are long and oft-times boring.

3. Bad Weather - I'm thankful for rain to a point. I mean we've been in a constant state of drought for the last 3 years. But in the first 6 days of May we've had 5 inches of rain. And all types of thunderstorms, tornadoes, earthquakes (nope, not kidding...central Alabama had a 3.5 earthquake a few weeks ago) hail, tidal waves, tsunamis, and plagues of locusts. It's all a bit much.

4. Litter Boxes - So Karen is pregnant right. And there is this nasty little possibility that if she were to change our cats litter box she might get some kind of toxiplasmosis nonsense that would be bad for her and even worse for the baby. So guess who gets to change Howard's litter box. That's right....and is nasty. I'm pretty sure that whole toxiplasmawhatever is just a ploy for pregnant women not to have to change the litter box because it is gross!

5. Throwing Up - No I haven't thrown up though I have wanted to plenty of times when Karen is. It's been a pretty rough 1st Trimester, but we are at 12 weeks now, so hopefully moving on out of that stage.

So what are you interested in at the current time in no particular order? Or what are you not interested in at the cu---- you get the idea!

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