No I am not selling tickets (well unless I get an unreasonably high offer), but somehow in my head I could hear the scalpers outside the stadium yelling about the tickets they have to illegally sell. That moral dilemma there is another issue for another day!

This post is to rejoice and lament the fact that I have two tickets to the Alabama vs. Georgia game this weekend.

I rejoice because I get to go the game...and the tickets were free....well to me they were (thanks friend!)
I lament because it is in Tuscaloosa, and I will be rooting for the away team.
I rejoice because I get to go with my wife.
I lament because the game starts at 6:45, and last weeks game was a 4 hour game, starting at 5:45 and people from our town didn't get home until 1:30 a.m. What does that mean for us this week? I'm guessing 2:30 or later!
I rejoice because I am still young enough to stay out all hours of the night.
I lament because I have to be back at church on Sunday at 6:45 a.m. to get ready to lead worship.
I rejoice because it will be tons of fun.
I lament that, though I am no fair-weather fan, I am afraid our dear Bulldogs just don't have it, and will probably not win.
I rejoice because I haven't gotten a single pick right in my College Pick-em's on ESPN and I will hopefully be wrong on this game!
Not to mention that game day will be at this game....of course I have no intention of getting there that early, but at least it is a huge game....probably as big a game as I have ever been to.

Now I just have to pray that I don't get beat up. I'm wondering if Alabama fans would get mad about a person wearing black (you know, so as not to flaunt the UGA colors.)
Methinks I shall wear a Georgia shirt underneath my black shirt in the case that we do win, wherewithin I will let the bulldog colors fly!

In closing, GO DAWGS!!


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