A Lot of Pomp Under the Circumstances

After a couple of long, tying years, a river of tears, and countless hours of studying, testing, precepting, and clinical work....she finally did it! On Thursday May 8, 2008 at approximately 8 pm, Karen became a college graduate and an official Registered Nurse. I can't imagine what a huge load off her shoulders this accomplishment is (though I can say that a similar, not nearly as heavy load as been removed from my shoulders!!)

So Thursday was quite a special day. Both of our families came into town and we ate a really great brunch that Karen prepared for us (seems like the little lady ought not have to fix the brunch for her own graduation day...which means I probably should have prepared it....but we wanted it to be edible.) Then, that afternoon prior to graduation she had a pinning ceremony, whereby she got pinned, and got to light candle out of the end of a genie lamp (you'd really have to see it I suppose). Finally we wrapped up the day with the graduation ceremony...which was quite typical of most graduations....long and arduous. However, at the end of the night, Karen had a diploma in hand, and the title RN following her name. So it was worth it all. I am so incredibly proud of my wife. She worked so hard and accomplished something that I can say with all confidence I myself could not have done!

Now we are waiting to hear back from the testing agency to find out when she can take her board exams...and then she will officially be able to practice. In celebration of this tremendous achievement, Karen and I will be setting sail, literally, on Saturday for a cruise to Mexico and Grand Cayman. We are really excited about getting away and sailing the open seas....we think....though the prospect of getting sea sick kinda sticks in the back of our mind....here's to praying that doesn't happen! So in honor of Karen's graduation, I'd like to make a top ten list of things you are guaranteed to hear, see, feel, or experience at a graduation from any school in Alabama.

1. A country song - we didn't hear one a graduation per se, but we did hear one at the pinning ceremony! In fact we heard two. And yes, they were part of the program.

2. Bad grammar - verbiage people....verbiage! You was...no no no...it's were. I was, you were. Come on!

3. Snuff, dip, or chewing tobacco of some description - at least when I saw it, it was in the bathroom, but this guy was spitting a huge wad into the sink.....it was really nasty! Then there was the girls who had big chaws in they jaws.......

4. Someone singing along with the aforementioned country song - most likely it will be off key, so just get ready. But it is bound to happen that the country song is somebodies favorite song, such that they can't resist singing along....badly...and loudly!

5. Camouflage - yep....I suspect that any black tie affair in Alabama will be marred by at least one camo hat, shirt, or neck tie (and no, I am not joking)

6. An overuse of the short "i" - Nice, sprite, right, light, tight, ect. All with a short i. Unfortunately, it's quite contagious!

7. Made up words - again not so much at the graduation, but at the pinning ceremony the head of the nursing department, a doctor no less, used the word "drownded".

8. Cowboy boots - apparently these are the only approved dress shoes of Alabama. If only we had gotten THAT memo!

9. Your cousin - everybody in Alabama is related. So at any given graduation you are likely to see at least one cousin.

10. Awwww maaan - I'm not trying to pick on the way people talk in Alabama.....ok yes I am! This phrase is used to communicate excitement, sadness, disbelief, disappointment, or indifference.

In short, everyone should go to at least one Alabama graduation in their lifetime.....or not!


Ok, so I won't be a hypocrite. I made fun of Arkansas to no end when I lived there. I guess that once you've lived in Arkansas all the little imperfections of Alabama don't look so bad.

I would like to officially apologize on behalf of the majority of the state for the country songs at a college graduation. This is just not acceptable. High School? Sure... go for it. Most high school kids are too stupid to realize how formal an event this is supposed to be. Colleges, on the other hand, should have their SACS accreditation pulled for such an offense (after Karen has her degree in hand, mind you).

Please, please understand that Central Alabama isn't this bad. Northwest Alabama is even better than Central Alabama. It's the northeast and southern parts of the state you have to watch out for.

May 13, 2008 at 12:56 PM  

Aaaaw maaaan, that was a great list, Matt. I can't say it enough--aaaaaaw maaaan!

Congrats, Karen for becoming a real live nurse@

Congrats, Matt for getting to sail on a real live cruise ship!

May 13, 2008 at 2:51 PM  

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