The Pilgrim's Would Be Frowning!

I thought it was bad last year when, on Halloween, I was in the grocery store and I heard Christmas music playing. Yes that's right, on Oct. 31st they switched their store music to Christmas music.

Well it's getting worse. This year I walked into a brand new Belk store in Macon, GA on Oct. 7 and they were putting up their Christmas decorations. Then just yesterday, I was flipping through the radio dial and found a station already playing non-stop Christmas music. IT'S NOT EVEN NOV. 15th.

You know the tragedy of starting Christmas so early is that Thanksgiving gets completely overlooked! I mean poor Thanksgiving. Sure it still gets a parade, but what is the highlight of that parade? Santa Claus! He steals the show at the end every year. Oh I know we still get together, eat entirely too much as a way of giving thanks! But where are all the thanksgiving decorations? The cornucopias of hope? Where are all the thanksgiving day songs? "I've never heard one" you say? Of course not, they all get edged out by the onslaught of Christmas music that is now flooding the airwaves 45 days before Christmas. And the day after thanksgiving, it's as if thanksgiving never happened, as people rush to their local mall and/or shopping center to get the hottest deals on....CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

Listen, I am all for celebrating Christmas. I mean, there is no better season, especially when we consider that what we are truly supposed to be celebrating is the birth of our savior....emmanuel...God with us! And I am all for celebrating that! There's nothing better to celebrate (except for perhaps Jesus death, burial, and Resurrection, which goes hand-in-hand with Christmas!) I am also all for giving thanks, and setting aside a day to do so! And then, after thanksgiving is over, and the calendar turns to December, we can focus our attention on Christmas. But could we please wait until Thanksgiving is over? Is that too much to ask?

I realize that I am a little late this year, but next year I intend to bring back to splendor of thanksgiving! That's right, I'm gonna celebrate Thanksgiving like it's 1999. I'm going to put up a Thanksgiving tree. I'm going to give people thanksgiving presents. I'm going to crank up some good old Thanksgiving music. And what about cornucopias? Their hope will spill with reckless abandon, filling every room! I think I will even put a candle inside a couple and put them in the windows. Ah yes, I can see it now, the house strung will all manner of Thanksgiving lights. Those blow up turkey's out in the front yard. A loud speaker triggered to go off as each car passes will play "We Gather Together" through the night!

So, good people of the blogosphere, let's join our proverbial hands together,unite as one, and stand together as we shout from the rooftops "Can't we wait just a month or two longer on the Christmas music and decorations, and uh, if you don't mind and it's not too much trouble, uh, celebrate thanksgiving and all first, I mean if that's ok with you and all."


Well said!! But, if you string up all the Thanksgiving lights, etc. aren't you commercializing it? Isn't Thanksgiving supposed to be a pure holiday in which we pause to give thanks for our many blessings? I do think the We Gather Together idea is good. Can you remember all the words to that song?

November 11, 2008 at 4:17 PM  

Wow.. I sped-read that.

You didn't say we "Gaither" together... oh thank God.

Whew. I thought you had jumped off the deep end for a second.

November 11, 2008 at 5:07 PM  

haha... This year, Thanksgiving is poor as Job's Turkey.
(people used to use that analogy back in the good ol' days).

When you get the time, after you finish giving THANKS and eating your TURKEY please check out my blg. I have some very interesting Christmas Music.

Thanks a trillion,

November 12, 2008 at 9:44 AM  

I'm with you, man. To me Thanksgiving is as much a part of the holiday season as Christmas and New Year's, but we zip right past it.

Thanksgiving is an important day.

"I'm dreaming of a red, orange, and yellow...Thankgiving...just like the ones I used to knooow."

November 13, 2008 at 2:10 PM  

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