Life's Little Lessons

Over the years I'd like to think that I've learned some things. Some of those lessons have come from the school of hard knocks, others have come from "little tricks" that I have been taught, still others from education or reading. Mostly the lessons just come from daily experience and observation. So in light of all this learning, I thought I would share with you some of the most memorable lessons I have learned through my short 20 years (yes I do know I'm not 20, but the first 7 don't really count right? And I can still pass for 20's to holding on to youth!)

1)Tostitos don’t have to have to be smothered in cheese or salsa to be good – don’t get me wrong, I still like them that way, but in light of the new diet I’ve learned how to savor the taste of the crunchy corn chip in its bare, natural state.

2)There’s always an easier way to do things – "little tricks" as me ol father is famous for showing me, are often learned by first doing it the hard way. I am thankful for those times when "little tricks" were shown without me having to do it the hard way.

3)I only perform as well as I practice – preparation is the key to performance. I am learning more and more as I lead worship that I only lead and play as well as I have prepared myself both mentally and physically. Leading a choir has really highlighted this aspect for me, as choir rehearsal goes so much smoother when I have thought out all the transitions and the rehearsal.

4)Cats really are curious – and it’s amazing how many times curiosity could get my cat killed!! Seriously though, I wish I could be as perceptive as Howard (our cat). She notices things so quickly. As soon as something new is in the house or something has been moved or rearranged, she checks it out. Wish I had that sensitive of a radar.

5)The weather never satisfies – if its hot I’d rather have cooler weather. If it’s raining? I’d rather it be sunny, if it’s cold then it had at least better snow!

6)Toilet seat covers on a wet toilet do not serve their intended purpose - need I clarify?

7)When teaching a class (assuming that I ever do that)it is a good idea to let the class out at least 15 minutes earlier than the stated time of dismissal. I check out at least 15 minutes prior to the time I am expected to leave! This is especially pressing because as I type, I am in a class that is going up to the minute of stated time to leave. Not that I would even consider blogging while in class.

8)There are very few things in life that are worth getting worked up about. What I mean is that life will throw curves, bad things happen, money runs thin, relationships get strained, life gets hard and we struggle. But I've not seen one situation where allowing myself to get bent out of shape, panic, or worry myself to death have changed or help the situation in anyway. In every situation there is something to be thankful for.

9)Passion is a blessing and a curse. I am by nature a passionate person, at least about the things I am passionate about. I am a very hot/cold person. It is either the best thing in the world, or it means virtually nothing to me. In other words, there are some things that I can and will invest myself completely in (music, my marriage, my work, etc.) But those things that I see as peripheral are just that to me, and so I somehow subconsciously feel that they are not worthy of my attention. This isn't always a good thing, as many things that I may not be passionate about are still important and still carry weight in someone's world.

10)Sunscreen, while altogether annoying to slather on, is a necessary evil for those of us with pale (translation -pasty white) complexion. I used to think that I could burn and then tan. But the whole skin cancer scare has gotten to me. Plus it mostly just turns out to be burn then peel.

And one to grow on...

11)The latest fad today will be the biggest fashion faux pas tomorrow - splatter paint shirts and leggings anyone? Or even better, remember the old clothes on backward fad started by on Kris Kross....yes, I can't believe I remembered that!

Life is full of lessons to be learned. Sometimes it is helpful to spend time and review some of those lessons. It will help you remember where you've come from, how you've grown, and where you are headed!


That is a really good list. I especially need to get #8 drilled into my brain and a part of my life. I worry about EVERYTHING, especially money running thin.

I have learned #10 the hard way, yet I seem to keep making that mistake. Maybe that should be my new years resolution next year... to quit worrying about having a tan, since I can't seem to get one where I want it anyway.

I could comment at length on the others, but those 2 stood out. Great post!

March 25, 2008 at 11:21 AM  

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