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As I mentioned before, I am in Atlanta all week taking a workshop for seminary. I had the TV on the news the other night while I was working on some stuff, and I just happened to hear this teaser as the news was just starting. The teaser line, quoted by a female field reporter apparently standing in Downtown Atlanta where a tornado did a considerable amount of damage, was:

"Downtown Atlanta is open for business again......(long pause).....IF YOU'RE A CRACK DEALER!"

I just laughed and laughed....not because crack dealing is a joke. Nor is the sale or use of illegal drugs is in anyway humorous....but the teaser line....the way it was said....was just so wrong it was funny. As if to say that crack dealers had an edge on the rebuilding process of businesses effected by a tornado.

Ah local news...even in a big like no other. In related news, this is a really great job of sports reporting done by a local news station in North Carolina.

Fun times!


Dude! That was Penn Holderness (sp?) on that sports clip! He used to host an HGTV show that I liked called Designer Finals. Thanks, Matt, for the laugh and leading me to good 'ol Penn... I always wondered what had happened to him... :)

March 26, 2008 at 5:38 PM  

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