Concert Report Plus

I just got back from a Switchfoot/Athlete concert in Huntsville. I went because I really wanted to see Emery who was supposed to play, but apparently the lead singer was really sick, so they didn’t play. I like Switchfoot pretty good….and Athlete was really amazing. The lead singer for Athlete is a great writer. All in all, the concert was mediocre I’d say, in part because while I really like listening to live music, I do not enjoy it nearly as much when I am surrounded by a bunch of 12-year-olds (funny how being out of student ministry has changed my view of students!). The concert was highly publicized by the Huntsville Christian radio station, which means there was a huge church-youth-group turnout. I felt pretty old. But I am glad I went!

Then on the way home I was in need of some good music, so I pulled out an older record I had not listened to in a while. It was by a band called twothiryeight. It was a refreshing listen. One line I particularly like from them is from a song whose name I do not know, but is about debt and materialism. The chorus says “In the miry stench of growing debt/ the deep dark secrets of the family are kept” but that’s not the line I liked the most…my favorite line is “credit is a whore who won’t wake up and leave/and believe me I’m not sleeping with her anymore” It’s a bit of a brash and perhaps crude statement, but makes a really great point about getting and staying out of debt, especially given our desire to be debt free!!

Speaking of prostitution (now there’s a conversational transition I bet you don’t use often), we sang a song in church this morning called “God of This City”. It’s a great song, and has a great back-story that deals with prostitution. I’ll spare you the details, but will tell you that I spent about 5 minutes of the worship set talking to my congregation about brothels, houses of ill-repute and “places where prostitutes do their business.” (Couldn’t come up with anything better!) I’m convinced that this is at least one subject that grabs people’s attention, especially in the squeaky-clean confines of the local church. I can bet if they didn’t remember one other thing from church today, they remembered that we talked about prostitutes.

Back to the record….they also have another song, whose name I also do not know, with a line that says “I’m totally deprived, buried alive, I couldn’t help myself to save my life.” In context, he’s asking God for guidance and wisdom, all the while admitting his total inadequacies and God’s sovereignty…in not so many words. Funny (or not so much) how that subject within said church usually flies over people’s heads without a second thought.

In completely unrelated news, there is a site that you all must check out. Stuff White People Like is a hilarious blog that I've just stumbled on. Their most recent update is a really funny one. I won't endorse all of the content, but the satirical look at white people is both hilarious and most often pretty accurate.

Ok well pardon my randomness tonight, it’s been a bit of a long day….and I have lots on my mind! Hope everyone has a grand week!


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