My Friends Are Better Than Yours

We had a great weekend this past weekend. If you check out any of my blog links to the right side of this page here, then you know already that Josh, Clay, Heath and I spent the weekend together playing at a Disciple Now, and just hanging out. It was a really great weekend and I am always thankful to hang out with people whom I don't feel compelled to add value to, and who hopefully don't feel compelled to add value to me. By that I mean that we all except each other for who we are, and we aren't trying to change each other, lead each other, teach each other, and the like. This may be an unfamiliar type of relationship for those of you who aren't in ministry, however my guess is this is a common approach for anybody in any type of business or work that has to deal with people. Ok, I've typed myself into a corner so let me explain.

You see, often times in ministry, a minister will have friends from church. However, because of the nature of the relationship, the friendship can only go so far. I'm not saying this is right, or is the way it should be, I am just saying that it is. It can be for a plethera of reasons, from both sides. Perhaps the minister feels that too much inside information, or too much self-revelation could potentially damage the ability to lead that person as a congregant. Or perhaps the congregant/friend feels that if the minister finds out too much about his/her life then the minister will condemn them. In any case there is a friendship there that usually stays at arms length. It's one of the downsides of ministry that in my mind I want to overcome as best I can. I suspect that this can happen at any workplace.

Anyway, back to my I feel like we have relationships with these couples that way transcends those aformentioned barriers. Josh and Clay and Heath are so honest and so real...and it's not just in a haphazard way. You can tell they really approach life thoughtfully and humbly, and above all they fear God (fear here = respect, love, honor). It is so refreshing to be around them. Furthermore we laugh and poke just feels like Karen and I can let loose when we are around them. Not that we intentionally don't when we are around people from's just that it know what I mean?

Well anyway, all that to say that it was a really relaxing weekend for us, and Karen and I were so glad to have friends in our home once more. And to top it all of, Josh, Clay, Heath and I got to enjoy what I think each of us would call our passions...playing music. And that, my friends, is why my friends are better than your friends! Because not only are they a pleasure to be around, but they are also emminsly talented such that we can go to a place a play for people and they don't just walk out on us! It really is quite great.

One minor problem with the weekend, we don't have another one scheduled yet! So anybody need a band for...anything?!?!?!?


I totally understand, and the feeling is mutual. I guess I have been a member of a pastors family my whole life and I am tired of the masks that we all put on for "church people".

On top of that, poking fun at friends is one of my favorite pastimes, so that works out pretty well for me. I'm glad we have that relationship too.

Now, on to that next gig... anybody? anybody?

April 8, 2008 at 5:03 PM  

I know what you mean, Matt. You explained it much better than I could have. It's difficult to explain.

God has BEQUEATHED to you some great writing skills.

April 10, 2008 at 7:32 PM  

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